Electronic Claims Processing (ECP) and Non-Electronic Claims Processing (Non-ECP)

All ECP and Non-ECP claims are processed and transmitted by Diamond Medical Services primarily using an internal practice management software application owned and managed by DMS.

Patient Accounting and Billing

Patients are billed on a regular pre-determined schedule. Diamond takes pride in ensuring that all information entered into the practice management software application is as accurate as possible to increase the efficiency of claims processing.

Practice Management

Diamond Medical Services provides assistance with internal assessment/audit services to ensure maximum operation and compliancy in the following areas:

DMS assists in securing and updating patient demographics, including insurance/benefit verification for all patients as requested by client. DMS also provides staff training on all aspects of practice management if so desired.

Let's Compare the Costs

Labor Costs   If You Do It If DMS does it
  Primary Claims ($75) $8.50 $8.00
  Secondary Claims ($25) $1.50 $2.00
    ??? $0
TOTAL LABOR COSTS   $10.00 $10.00
Materials Costs   If You Do It If DMS does it


$0.44 $0
  Envelopes $0.68 $0
  Postage $1.17 $0
  Copies $0.95 $0
  Charge Tickets $0.04 $0
Miscellaneous Costs   If You Do It If DMS does it
  Patient Billing $1.74 $0
  Phone Follow-Up to Carriers $1.32 $0
  Phone Follow-Up to Patients $3.80 $0
TOTAL MISC. COSTS   $6.86 $0
Total Cost   $20.14 $10.00