Edgar D. Wilson III, President

Mr. Wilson founded Diamond Medical Services in April 1993 as a concept to take advantage of his studies of the medical insurance industry. Certified in June of 1993, He stood as one of the few insurance claims specialists licensed to submit health insurance claims electronically. At that time, it was a new and rising procedure supported by the federal government in an effort to expedite the process of filing insurance claims. After extensive research and preparation, Edgar formally established Diamond Medical as a corporation in 1997.

In addition to founding Diamond Medical Services in April 1997, Edgar Wilson also served as a supervisor for the item processing department of NationsBank, a well known banking institution, with numerous banking facilities in the Midwestern, eastern, and southern regions of the United States. Wilson began his association with NationsBank as a processing associate in June of 1992. In less than 5 years of service, Wilson established himself as an invaluable asset to the company, and was entrusted with very critical responsibilities in his department, including associate training and daily settlement procedures. Because of his performance, he received the “Gem Award”, in 1996, considered the most prestigious award available to associates.

Edgar’s association with NationsBank, coupled with accomplished studies at Morgan State University in the computer science field, as well as his studies of the medical insurance industry, has given him extensive experience and an air of readiness to effectively and efficiently operate Diamond Medical Services.

Elisa Wilson, Vice President

In November 1996, Elisa Wilson joined Diamond Medical Services with primary responsibility for the company’s marketing and servicing activities.

Prior to joining Diamond Medical Services, Elisa served 7 years with United Health Care, as a claims specialist. Her responsibilities included researching, examining and processing insurance claims. Mrs. Wilson has extensive administrative and managerial capabilities. This is largely due to her background in Psychology, which she obtained from Talladega College, and her tenure with the State of Maryland Department of Parole and Probation. Elisa supervised and managed approximately seventy (70) offenders that had been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. She continues to gain industry knowledge and information by enrolling in courses, classes and seminars provided by Medicare, Women’s Entrepreneurs of Baltimore and local colleges.

Elisa’s experience specializing in insurance claims processing gives her the ideal background for Diamond Medical Services. Her background in counseling will assure associate awareness of the company’s dedication to its mission.

Edgar Wilson IV, Chief Executive Officer

Edgar Wilson IV joined Diamond Medical in June 2000. As a result of growing up in a medical billing environment, he has absorbed a wealth of experience and information that has shaped him into the type of associate he is today. Edgar the 4th earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Coppin State University but he was drawn to the medical billing field on a full time basis after completing his studies. In addition to contributing to Diamond Medical, Edgar the 4th joined a medical billing company called “Dynasplint” to gain outside experience in 2004. He jumped from the entry position of “patient account representative” to the managerial position for the “Data Entry” department in less than 4 months. Under the teachings from the CEO of Dynasplint and personal tutor, Raymond Morrison, Wilson learned the various details to running a multimillion dollar company effectively. Wilson left Dynasplint to implement what he learned by becoming the CEO of Diamond Medical in 2007. Edgar the 4th is committed to the growth of Diamond as he continues to learn the skills needed to step in as President some day and carry on the legacy of Diamond Medical Services.